wfcc-logo-transparentThe 15th Japanese Sake TourneyLogo_58WCCC_Ostroda 2015

Theme: H#2, Face-to-Face and/or Back-to-Back,
with neutral pieces.

Judges:  Tadashi Wakashima, Toshiki Kobayashi, Masato Yoshii

Closing Date: 5th of August (Wednesday), 10 p.m.
E-mail entries should be sent to Tadashi Wakashima ( before 30th of July (Thursday).

Details & example problems: in PDF document

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Eric Huber
Eric Huber
July 18, 2015 19:33

Problem no.762 (Geoff Foster) would have been a good thematic example for this tourney announcement.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
July 19, 2015 00:43
Reply to  Eric Huber

Except that problem was H#2,5 and the tourney is for H#2 !

Eric Huber
Eric Huber
July 19, 2015 01:04
Reply to  Geoff Foster

Of course there is the little detail of the length.
But 762 shows very adequately what can be achieved with a Face-to-Face / Back-to-Back twinning.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
July 19, 2015 09:50
Reply to  Eric Huber

The theme is “Face-to-Face and/or Back-to-Back”, so I presume that Face-to-Face / Back-to-Back twinning is NOT required?