37th RIFACE, the results

st-germain-au-mont-d-orSee the RESULTS of the 37th RIFACE (Rencontre Internationale en France des Amateurs de Composition Echiquéenne) which took place from Friday, May 13, 2016 to Monday, May 16, 2016 at Saint-Germain au Mont d’Or.

The 1st HM in Retros has been cooked, after the final judgment, by François Labelle with : 1. d4 a5 2. Ff4 a4 3. h4 axh3 4. Fd6 hxg2 5. Ch3 g1=C 6. f4 Cf3+ 7. exf3 h5 8. Fe2 Th6 9. O-O c6 10. Rh2 Db6 11. Fc7 Td6 12. Tfg1 g6 13. Df1 Fe1 14. Tah1 Ch6 15. c4 O-O-O-O” (Jérôme Auclair).

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  1. Paul Rãican says:

    Etienne’s PG 15.5 (SG2000) is also cooked: 7.f5 a6 8.Rh4 h5 9.Rh4 Sh7 10.Rh4 Rc8 11.Rh4 Rc3 12.dxc3 O-O-O-O! 13.Be3 Kb7 14.Qd3 Sa7 15.O-O-O Sg6 16.Bd2 (Jacobi)

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