WCCC2015: After Congress…

DSCN9368My first Congress is over several days ago, but half of my soul is still there, in Ostróda

My first intention was to write about the facts and things happened, but in reality during the Congress I had no time for posting anything, and now all facts are already known. I’ll share just a little of emotions here. 

It was amazing to meet so many famous people face to face, in so short time! I was a bit confused as I couldn’t remember everybody from the first meeting as I wished.. Name badges weren’t used for this Congress, so all I could do was asking Latvian delegate, Ilja Ketris, who is who. 🙂 Of course, it was great pleasure for me to see that most of people know me, and to hear so many warm and kind words! –> read more

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2 Responses to WCCC2015: After Congress…

  1. Kenneth Solja says:

    I also remember my first Congress meeting (Benidorm 1990) still although it had been 25 years ago. I had also the same kind of feeling what Julia had in Ostroda when I met everybody for the very first time.
    I thank my God that this has been a hobby which has given everything back with intrest – many, many times more.
    It seems that I won’t make the Belgrad meeting next year either, because it is too early for me. But still I hope I could come ..

  2. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Nice write-up! Makes me want to attend the next Congress. Maybe, perhaps ……….

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