Christmas Blitz JF2014

christmas-balls christmas-blitz-jf2014

Theme: IMITATOR(S) on the board!


  • Stipulations:
    a) H#, H=, H== in 2-4 moves
    b) Ser-H#, Ser-H=, Ser-H==, Pser-h#(=,==) till 8 moves
    c) HS#, HS=, HS== in 2-4 moves.
  • Problems with one or more Imitators on the board. Other fairy pieces are not allowed, EXCEPT Chameleon pieces of the classical type S-B-R-Q-S and Royal pieces (from orthodox/Chameleon types).
  • Colour of pieces: white, black, neutral and half-neutral pieces are allowed.
  • Other Fairy conditions allowed:
    a) No promotions to Imitator
    b) Chameleon Chess (type S-B-R-Q-S…)
    c) Maximummers, Minimummers and their combinations.
  • Computer tested problems only! Please mention the program used for testing!

See EXAMPLES of Imitator-problems and also some information about Imitator in the Forum’s post “Imitator – definition, features, implementation“.


Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE.

Term: 20 days! Please send your problems till December, 24th, 24:00 to

The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website on the 31st of December, 2014.

Prize winners will get a Christmas chocolate and printed Diplomas in January, 2015.

You are very welcome to participate!

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4 Responses to Christmas Blitz JF2014

  1. peter harris says:

    Exciting news Julia! And thank you Petko – who will have a busy Christmas. Very pretty and colourful Invitation. We will try hard to receive some chocolates!

  2. JuliaJulia says:

    Thank you, Peter! I’ve prepared also some examples of problems on one page, see them by the link inside announcement See EXAMPLES of Imitator-problems. Welcome, welcome!!

  3. peter harris says:

    After their long journey your diplomas and chocolates have arrived!

    Thank you very much for them Julia.

    The diplomas are themselves works of art.

    And of course the Latvian chocolates are delicious. I will strictly ration myself so that they last as long as possible!


    • JuliaJulia says:

      Peter, nice to hear you’ve finally got it! Too long journey of your parcel, more than a month! Inside Europe the delivery takes about 4-7 days…
      So, all prize winners have got their gifts now! Later I’ll post some pictures of this sending. 🙂

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