Munich Fairy Chess Tournament 2017

mpk-Blaetter-annAnnouncement Munich Fairy Chess Tournament 2017
Argentinian chess or Argentinian pieces

Required are helpmates h#n in 2 or more moves on a 8×8 board with the fairy condition Argentinian chess or the Argentinian pieces señora, faro, loco as well as saltador. The theme is free. Further fairy pieces and fairy conditions are not accepted. Problems in more than one phase are allowed, whether with set play, multiple solutions, twinnings or some combination of those methods. →Announcement (PDF)

Judge: Franz Pachl | Tournament director: Rolf Kohring | Closing date: December 31th, 2017
Submissions should be sent to or Rolf Kohring, Bolkamer Straße 5a, D-83104 Tuntenhausen, Germany.

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3 Responses to Munich Fairy Chess Tournament 2017

  1. Mario Parrinello says:

    Are neutral SE, FA, LO, SA allowed?

    • Ladislav Packa says:

      I think not. In the annoncement was noted, that another fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed (Weitere Märchenfiguren und Märchenbedingungen sind nicht zulässig).

  2. Mario Parrinello says:

    Thanks, Ladislav but I have already noticed that in the English text.
    But what I meant is whether another fairy pieces include also neutral Argentininan pieces, since “technically” neutral Argentinian pieces do not seem to me another fairy pieces (in terms of DIFFERENT kind of piece).
    But I may well be wrong—?

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