Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017, C23.05.2017

Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017, C23.05.2017

BIT2017-GroupCBelgrade Internet Tourneys 2017

Composing Tourneys announced for the 12th Belgrade Problem Chess Festival 26th-28th May 2017 are split into 3 groups, including fairy Group C (HS#2.5 Max) which will be judged by solvers and composers themselves, in a special Composing-Solving-Judging contest on May 26th 2017, the first day of the Festival.

Group C – HS# Max 2.5, 2 Solutions Thematic condition: Help-selfmate Max is a new condition, with the help-play before the last two half-moves, presenting S#1 Maximummer (Black has to play the geometrically longest move).

The BIT 2017 will use the method of entering originals for the tourney directly to the Mat Plus website. Composers unable to use it may send their entries by email to the Mat Plus administrator: Deadline: May 23rd 2017.

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petko petkov
petko petkov
April 24, 2017 18:19

To Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2017 – sction C

Pay attention that in this sheme is possible also:1…f1Q 2.Sf6 Qg2 3.Sd5 Qxd5# or 1…f1Q 2.Sd6 Qg2(Qf3) 3.Sb7 Qxb7#.

Ladislav Packa
Ladislav Packa
April 28, 2017 14:39

A small contribution to the theme. For BIT it is not thematic due the twin. It is possible to check its correctness – the problem should be solved as H# with reversed colors and remove some unnecessary solutions manually.
White Ka8 Bh8 Pb4 Rh1
Black Kc8 Ph6 Ph3
Stipulation HS#2.5 max
b) Rotate 180°
a) 1…h2 2.Rd1 h1=R 3.Rd4 Ra1#
b) 1…a2 2.Bf6 a1=Q 3.Bd8 Qh8#

April 29, 2017 22:15
Reply to  Ladislav Packa

Nice idea. With WR at g1, perhaps it has two solutions, the second one being
1…h2 2.Rg7 h1Q+ 3.Rb7 Qxb7#

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