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No.15 – 06 December, 2011. Learning to compose hs#. Half-battery play with Chameleon pieces. 

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Julia Vysotska

StrateGems – 2012, No.58 (apr-jun.2012), FB1156

hs#2        2 solutions       4+5
Chameleons: a4, c3, d4


I. 1.CBe8=cR CSb3=CB (not CSe6?) 2.CRe4=CQ+ CS*e4=CB #

II. 1.CBb5=cR CSa2=cB (not CSd5?) 2.CRf5=CQ+ CS*f5=CB #

Chameleon half-battery play, dual avoidance with the interference of white chameleon by black chameleon, model mates, Meredith.

3 Responses to JV problem No.15

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    The idea of black half battery mates is essentially an orthodox them. Here very nicely used with Chameleon pieces.

  2. Bartel Erich says:

    –> PDB P1304320

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