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No.20 – finished 04.01.2012 – Dentist theme again here. This time with interesting play of a pair Leo / Lion. 

99742 /

Julia Vysotska

Idee & Form – 2012, No.114 (Apr-2012), #3098

hs#2,5   2 solutions      8+7
Leo b1; Lion a2


I. 1…exd5! 2.LEd1+! (2.LEe1?) 2…c1LE! (2…c1Li?) 3.LEh5+ LEg5#

II. 1…exf5! 2.LEe1+! (2.LEd1?) 2…c1Li! (2…c1LE?) 3.LEa5+ LIc5#

Cross Checks, Dentist, Bi-valve, anti-critical moves of LEO, double dual avoidance.

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  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Very nice idea, neatly executed with different unpins of white Leo and Dentist theme.

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