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No.21 – finished 08.01.2012 – Back to my lovely Chameleons and batteries! Annihilation captures with a back battery creation.

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Julia Vysotska

Best Problems, No.63 (Jul 3/2012), #2926

hs#3*                                5+5
Chameleons: Se8, Sf8, Qg1


Set-play: 1…cQg7=cS 2.cSd7=cB cSxe8=cB 3.cBa4=cR + cBxa4=cR#

Real play: 1.d7 cQg6=cS 2.cSd6=cB cSxf8=cB 3.cBa3=cR + cBxa3=cR#

Simultaneous block/unblock of the squares for white Chameleons by the white pawn;

annihilation captures with black battery creation by the black Chameleon;

line clearance by the white Chameleons.

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  1. Alfred Pfeiffer says:

    1 solution only.

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