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No.23 – finished 15.01.2012 – Have started to learn AndernachChess condition. Still, not forgetting my Chameleons! 🙂 

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Julia Vysotska

VARIANTIM – 2012, No.56 (Apr-2012), #2222
5th Prize

h#3     2 solutions         4+9
Andernach Chess
Chameleons Rc1
Grasshopper f8


I. 1.cRa1=cQ Kg5 2.cQ:f6=wcS (not 2.cQ:f3=wcS) cS:h5=bcB 3.cB:f3=wcR cRd3=cQ #

II. 1.cRd1=cQ Kg6 2.cQ:f3=wcS (not 2.cQ:f6=wcS) cS:h4=bcB 3.cB:f6=wcR cRa6=cQ #

Opening of battery-line by the white King followed by a creation of white batteries through annihilation of white pawns;

specific effects of the Andernach condition;

dual avoidance (created by the Chameleons’ moves);

model mates.

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