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No.24 – finished 20.01.2012 – Playing with AndernachChess condition again! A funny problem were pairs of wR & bR  and wB & bB exchange their places, and the defense of bK is not possible because of AndernachChess effect.

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Julia Vysotska

Uralsky Problemist – 2012, № 69 (Apr-2012), #1186
1st Hon.Men.

h#2     2 solutions         5+9
Andernach Chess


I. 1.Se2-g3 Rd2-e2 2.Rd4-d1 Re2-d2 #

II. 1.Sa4-c3 Bb3-a4 2.Bc4-a2 Ba4-b3 #

Line-closing, double line-opening, Umnov-theme and Switchback with specific effects.

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