No.320 (DN)

Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (II): May – August

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No.320 by Daniel Novomesky – A very nice Aristocrat-Miniature typical for Daniel ! (JV)


Grasshopper(G): Moves along Q-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

Hurdle colour changing Grasshopper (hG): As a Grasshopper, but after a move it changes color of the hurdle-piece (except King).

No.320 Daniel Novomesky
h#4                                              (1+6)
b) hGf5→f7
c) hGe8→g5
d) hGe4→f6
Hurdle colour changing Grasshoppers: c4,e4,e6,e8,f5
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7 Responses to No.320 (DN)

  1. Kenneth Solja says:

    The hurdle colour changing grasshopper is better known as Andernach grasshopper.

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Yes, it’s true, but for some reason AG piece has worked in Popeye 4.61, but doesn’t work anymore in Popeye 4.63 – it writes that a piece is unknown.

      • seetharaman says:

        The option to apply the attribute “Hurdle-color-changing” for any of the hoppers on the board is already available in Popeye. This option can be applied to Grasshoppers and Lions. So perhaps it was felt that there is no need for a separate piece ‘AG’.

        • Linden LyonsLinden Lyons says:

          Removing the name Andernach grasshopper is unfortunate. Names are special, and should be more than just description. For example, it’d be unappealing to rename the queen an ‘orthogonal-and-diagonal-mover’.

          • seetharaman says:

            Hm… the name of the piece is not removed. It is already well-known and it will be continued to be known by that. For using Popeye, we may have to use a different method. Instead of using the piece name, we will have to use the piece attribute..

  2. Removing piece AG from the Popeye is mentioned in the Popeye 4.63 Release notes (see section Other changes down on the page).

    On another note, this piece was sometimes called also Chopper.

  3. Diyan Kostadinov says:

    AG is very nice fairy piece. I recomended the Award of Alaikov-80 MT 2013 Section B (Fairies), where the using of AG was the theme. You can see it on the following direct link:

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