No.400 (JV)

Julia Vysotska (Latvia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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2013-09-16 16.15.36No.400 by Julia Vysotska2 half-batteries, 2 batteries, 2 pairs of pieces reciprocally change their functions! I congratulate all of us with the 400th original problem published in Original Problems section of Julia’s Fairies!

For me this problem has one more meaning – it’s my 100th composed problem! I’m happy to dedicate it to my dear composition teacher, GM Petko A. Petkov !  (JV)


Nightrider(N): A Rider along a straight line on squares lying a Knight’s move away from each other.

Take & Make: Having captured, a unit must immediately, as part of its move, play a non-capturing move in imitation of the captured unit from the capture-square. If no such move is available, the capture is illegal. Promotion by capture occurs only when a pawn arrives on the promotion rank as the result of a take&make move. Checks are as in normal chess: after the notional capture of the checked K, the checking unit does not move away from the K’s square.

No.400 Julia Vysotska
Dedicated to Petko A. Petkov!
hs#3             2 solutions            (5+9)
Nightriders: Na5, Na7
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8 Responses to No.400 (JV)

  1. Peter Harris says:

    There is a White half-battery and a Black half-battery.

    In each solution [using in turn the two components of each half-battery] the following occurs:

    The wK and the bB each capture a half-battery piece and [using t&m] align themselves so that a Black battery is formed on a new line, with the remaining Black half-battery piece being the firing piece.

    This sets the scene for the denouement: the remaining White half-battery piece fires to give check from a position that allows the Black battery forward piece to capture it and parry the check [using t&m] but alas giving mate as well.

    Wonderful problem Julia.

  2. S.K.BalasubramanianS. K. Balasubramanian says:

    Change of half battery to two full batteries with one of the original half battery pieces acting on its original square as a front line piece but on a different line. Exchange of functions between 2 pairs of pieces Na5/Na7 & Se4/Rf3. Beautiful problem well deserving its place as 400th problem.

  3. seetharaman says:

    Wonderful problem showing transformation of battery (doubled)! Fitting tribute to Petkov.

  4. JuliaJulia says:

    Dear Peter, Bala, Ram, thank you very much for your kind words and additional comments to my problem!
    Peter, your comment is really more pleasant for readers I believe! I’ve re-written my own several times, but couldn’t make it so “user friendly” as you name it.
    I also like laconic comments by Bala and Ram. In a few words you’ve pointed the main things! In Russian there’s a saying which can be translated like “brevity is the soul of wit” (or “concision is the sister of talent” – word in word translation).

  5. Diyan Kostadinov says:

    The idea of transformation of the black half-battery into new batteries on different lines is very nice. I am always feel good when see the Julia’s fresh ideas. And nowadays she have also excellent technical skills, so now almost all her problem are great. Well done Julia! Keep going!

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Thank you, Diyan! It’s a pleasure to hear your words, and I also believe this is one of the best problems I have. I guess you remember my technique about two years ago.. and there’s a difference now I feel myself, and it’s really a great feeling!

  6. Bartel Erich says:

    in der Kürze liegt die Würze.
    Deshalb: großartig!

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