No.408,409 (PH)

No.408, 409
Peter Harris (South Africa)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.408 by Peter Harris – The combination of Andernach and Anti-Andernach fairy conditions, offered by Peter Harris in 2006 to John Rice for  the Problemist Supplement, and named that time as Super-Andernach. In Popeye you have to use the both, Andernach and Anti-Andernach. In WinChloe it might be also a Magic Board (Echiquier magique). Author’s words: “How does one mate Black when all Black has to do is to reverse the “mating” move? The number of ways is limited. A way to do it is to combine the condition with Chameleon Chess! – where reversal is not possible”. (JV)

No.409 by Peter Harris – A King, a Queen, and three little Orphans complicated to follow to!  (JV)


Chameleon Chess: All pieces on the board which are displayed as orthodox  Q, R, B, S,  are Chameleons. A Pawn can promote only in Chameleon-pieces.

Chameleon: On completing a move, a Chameleon (from classical standard type) changes into another piece, in the sequence Q-S-B-R-Q…  Promotion may be to a chameleon at any stage in the cycle.

Super-Andernach Chess: Pieces other than Kings change color upon moving with no distinguishing between a capturing and a non-capturing move (or this is a combination Andernach & Anti-Andernach).

Maximummer: Black must play the geometrically longest move or may choose from among longest moves of equal length, distances being measured from the center of each square. Diagonal and oblique distances are measured from the orthogonal coordinates by using Pythagora’s theorem (take the square root of the sum of the squares of the orthogonal distances). All other orthodox chess rules apply.

White Maximummer: Only White must play the geometrically longest moves, Black plays orthodoxal.

Orphan (O): An orphan can move only when observed by an enemy piece; when so observed it can move like the observing piece(s).

No.408 Peter Harris
South Africa
original – 29.10.2013
h#2,5               Duplex              (3 + 5)
Super-Andernach Chess
Chameleon Chess
Solutions: (click to show/hide)
No.409 Peter Harris
South Africa
original – 29.10.2013
h#4              2 solutions           (2 + 3)
White Maximummer
Orphans: c6, f3, f6
Solutions: (click to show/hide)

4 Responses to No.408,409 (PH)

  1. JuliaJulia says:

    I wish I could understand why No.408 has no solutions neither testing with Popeye 4.63, nor with WinChloe. Even the very last move, with stipulation h#1 doesn’t work for the both. Or is there something I don’t see?..

  2. Geoff Foster says:

    It seems to be a bug in Popeye 4.63. Instead of using “ChameleonChess”, if you make all the pieces (except for the kings) into chameleons, then Popeye finds the solution.

    stipulation h#2.5
    white Ka7
    black Kd1
    white chameleon Ra6 Bh5
    black chameleon Rd2 Re2 Sa5 Se1
    condition Andernach AntiAndernach
    option duplex

    1…cRa6-e6=cQ=b 2.cQe6-b3=cS=w cBh5-g4=cR=b 3.cRg4-a4=cQ=w cSb3-c1=cB=b #

    1…Kd1-c1 2.cRa6-d6=cQ=b cSe1-c2=cB=w 3.cBc2-a4=cR=b cSa5-b7=cB=w #

    • JuliaJulia says:

      Oh, brilliant idea! That simple clever thought didn’t came into my mind 🙁
      And this approach gives also correct solution on WinChloe! -with the both options: either with Andernach & Anti-Andernach or with just one Echiquier magique!
      Happy to see the problem is really C+! Thank you, Geoff!

  3. seetharaman says:

    “How does one mate Black when all Black has to do is to reverse the “mating” move? The number of ways is limited. A way to do it is to combine the condition with Chameleon Chess! – where reversal is not possible”. – True…
    Applies equally to Neutral pieces also !

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