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Author Topic: A rare fairy piece.
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Post A rare fairy piece.
on: June 23, 2017, 21:26

In 2016 I made some rules for the old chessvariant called courier chess. I created a piece with a movement I haven't seen anywhere else.

Like a bishop this piece ends it's move on a square in the same diagonal as it started. But it doesn't move a long the diagonals. In one move this does the following. it first moves any number ( bigger than 0 ) of squares orthogonally ( like a rook ) and then turns 90 degrees and moves the same number of squares in the new direction.

The difference between this piece and the bishop is of course how it can be blocked. if it wants to move from a1 to c3. at least one of the routes a2,a3,b3 and b1,c1, c2 has to be empty. It doesn't matter if there is a piece on b2.

Does anyone know if this piece has an official name in chess problems?

You can read about the chess variant here.

or here: http://www.chessvariants.com/invention/elsborgs-courier-chess

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Post Re: A rare fairy piece.
on: June 30, 2017, 14:19

The name is Foubal, See Elban Chess;
"Chessics" 9, 10/1980, p.7: http://www.mayhematics.com/p/chessics_09.pdf
"Chessics" 10, 12/1980, p.2: http://www.mayhematics.com/p/chessics_10.pdf
or: "Шахматная поэзия" ("Schachmatnaja Poesia") 27, 2003, p.14

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