The 5th Sant’Ambrogio 2012
Chess Problems Meeting

The 5th Sant’Ambrogio 2012 Chess Problems Meeting will take place in Milan from Thursday December 6th to Sunday December 9th.
All chess problems/studies composers, solvers, enthusiasts from Italy and the world are invited to the 5th Sant’Ambrogio Chess Problems Meeting that will take place in Milan, Admiral Hotel from Thursday December 6th to Sunday December 9th.
On Friday night there will be a quick composing tourney (judge Mario Parrinello) Two composing tourneys will be announced on December 6th (judges Chris Feather and Antonio Garofalo) The Italian Quick Solving Championship will take place on Saturday 8th at 15:00. The rest of the program is free.
The purpose is to have three/four days for meeting each other and talking of chess composition! Of course there will be mini-lectures, composing tourneys etc. ” 

Go to Eteroscacco on line website to see all the information about Sant’Ambrogio 2012.  
Enjoy the last year’s bulletin(4MB!!) of Sant’Ambrogio 2011 Chess Problems Meeting.

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4 Responses to Sant’Ambrogio-2012

  1. SeetharamanSeetharaman says:

    Nice photos and good problems in the last year’s bulletin. Dont miss !

  2. shankar ram says:

    the 007 film posters in the room of last year’s meeting are interesting!

  3. JuliaJulia says:

    Seems like I’m not the only one who has looked mostly on the photos.. 🙂

  4. JuliaJulia says:

    Now I have a pleasure to show you a Bulletin of Sant’Ambrogio 2012 meeting! See
    (but I’ll be thinking where I can add such Bulletins etc. on the site.. maybe to the Articles?)

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