Update to My Problems

Update to My Problems !

(01.09) 1 more problem is added to My Problems section. You can see it by direct link also – my problem No.9.

(31.08)Have added 3 more problems to my list in My Problems section. I hope, I haven’t done any mistakes when trying to do everything faster. Please let me know if any link doesn’t work. Thanks!!

(30.08) When created a site, I’ve planned to add my published problems here. But with all other activities never had time. Now I’ve decided at least to start!

For now the very first 5 my published problems (4 of them are orthodox helpmates) are added in My Problems section. Hopefully, I will add all the problems in 2-3 weeks. Most likely, I’m the most interested person in this section. It is my memory.. and seems like several first problems for me are the most meaningful. I have written some comments to them. And could write much more! 🙂 The fact is that I remember the time of composing them much better, than for some recent problems I have. I believe, it is the same for many of you.. Or?

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3 Responses to Update to My Problems

  1. I found the list of my own compositions (at CCM) to be an excellent reference point in any net conversations. Unfortunately the section was not update for a long time. Maybe next year…

    • JuliaJulia says:

      I understand how it is.. such updates always require time, and usually they seem less important then some other, urgent things to do.
      My first problems are nothing special to be referenced. But on another hand, I believe that publishing problems on the public site is the best motivation to keep them updated, ordered, easy to search etc. At least, I know it about myself: for sure I will update this list on the site, however, if I have it for myself only, I won’t have time even to add the publication dates and issues of the magazines to the problems after publications! So, the simple question – how many publications I have – wouldn’t be easy to answer! 🙂

      Just start to update! – and then you’ll have to continue….

    • Dmitri TurevskiDmitri Turevski says:

      And that’s a shame, Juraj! I have used to find your comments on fairy problems most helpful, not to say enlightening. Excellent job on Olympics tourney!

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