WCCI 2013-2015: 2 days left

wfcc-logo-transparentJust 2 days left to submit your entries to  the 2013-15 WCCI. The tourney director is Dmitry Turevsky (email: dmitri.turevski@gmail.com). Participants may submit their entries by January 20, 2016. See the list of Received entries at wfcc.ch website.

Judges for Fairies & Retros: 

G) Fairies: Juraj Brabec (SVK), Aleksandr Bulavka (BLR), Georgy Evseev (RUS), Petko Petkov (BUL), Kjell Widlert (SWE)

H) Retros: Dmitry Baibikov (ISR), Nicolas Dupont (FRA), Andrey Frolkin (UKR), Bernd Graefrath is generic cialis just as good (GER), Kostas Prentos (GRE)

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One Response to WCCI 2013-2015: 2 days left

  1. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    Nice to see more than 220 active composers. More likely to be added today. Many have participated multiple sections. However Gasparyan, Alexey is the one who has participated in 7 sections!

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