logo-kobulchesskrassimir-gandevKrassimir Gandev – 70 JT 2016

On 21st March 2016 the Bulgarian maestro IM Krassimir Gandev will celebrate his 70th Anniversary. The website for Chess Composition KoBulChess.com announces the “Krassimir Gandev – 70” JT 2016.

Theme: Fairy problems type #, H#, S#, HS#, =, H=, S=, HS=, ==, H=, S=, HS== in 2-4 moves and Series or Parry Series in 2-8 moves with Hurdle Colour Changing pieces. Other fairy pieces or conditions are not allowed.

Please send your entries by email: gandev70@abv.bg |  Deadline: 21.03.2016 | Judge: Krassimir Gandev 

The Award will be published on KoBulChess.com till 31.03.2016 |  Announcement with examples, PDF

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Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
February 10, 2016 19:40

Dear all,
a new section B is included in the tourney – there other type fairy pieces are also allowed (white and black, but not neutral and half-neutral).

The Award of both sections will be published till 30.04.2016 on KoBulChess.com

P.S. Till now 4 entries are received for Section A.

March 21, 2016 22:38

Happy birthday! Regret not having composed for it. Too busy with other things and WCCT.