mk-55jt-exA thematic composing tourney
announced for any kind of chess problems

Theme: 55 (two fives)

Every theme including at least 2×5 (or 5+5) arbitrary elements is allowed. E.g. five transferred mates / changed mates / variants / defense motifs / harmful effects in two phases, 5 solutions in a twin, 5 white + 5 black promotions, 5 white + 5 black pieces and the like. However, also multiplied showing of five elements is welcome.

Everything is allowed: any stipulation, any number of moves, fairy pieces and/or conditions, promoted pieces, any type and size of chess board as well as multiple solutions, twins, and even illegal position.

The tourney will be divided to at least two sections (orthodox and fairy).

Prizes: Chess Diagraf – programme for saving, solution, printing and animation of chess problems

Deadline: 04.04.2016 | Entries to email: | Judge: jubilee | PDF with examples | Animated examples

The award will appear at the latest 55 days after deadline.

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