Announcement of Tourneys of “The Macedonian Problemist” 2016

Announcement of Tourneys of “The Macedonian Problemist” 2016

macedonian-problemistThe Macedonian Problemist announces tourneys for 2016:

a) Informal tourneys: #2 – Dragan Stojnić; #3 – C.G.S. Narayanan; #n – Abdelaziz Onkoud; s#2-n – Sven Trommler; h#2 – Vitaly Medintsev; h#2.5-3 – Petko Petkov; h#3.5-n – Christopher Jones; fairies – Pierre Tritten; retros – Hans Gruber.
b) “The Macedonian Problemist” League 2016 (free themes, closing date 1.9.2016) in four sections: #2 – Miodrag Mladenović; #3 – Aleksandr Sygurov; s#3-7 – Živko Janevski; h#4-8 – Zlatko Mihajloski (a reserve judge for any section – Hans Gruber).

c)  thematic tourneys for helpmates showing themes labelled with the names of two prominent Macedonian chess problem composers, who will be judges in these tourneys, respectively (closing date 20.10.2016)… → read full announcement (PDF)

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