wfcc-logo-transparentJust 2 days left to submit your entries to  the 2013-15 WCCI. The tourney director is Dmitry Turevsky (email: Participants may submit their entries by January 20, 2016. See the list of Received entries at website.

Judges for Fairies & Retros: 

G) Fairies: Juraj Brabec (SVK), Aleksandr Bulavka (BLR), Georgy Evseev (RUS), Petko Petkov (BUL), Kjell Widlert (SWE)

H) Retros: Dmitry Baibikov (ISR), Nicolas Dupont (FRA), Andrey Frolkin (UKR), Bernd Graefrath is generic cialis just as good (GER), Kostas Prentos (GRE)

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4 years ago

Nice to see more than 220 active composers. More likely to be added today. Many have participated multiple sections. However Gasparyan, Alexey is the one who has participated in 7 sections!