Julia's Fairies

Twins Show, Boris Shorokhov

Близнецы Шоу
(Twins Show, Boris Shorokhov, Russian version only)

Борис Шорохов

(Переработанная и дополненная версия статьи, опубликованной ранее в журнале “Шахматная композиция”, № 106.)

(The revised and expanded version of the article published earlier in “Шахматная композиция”, N0.106)

Download (PDF, 206KB)


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April 3, 2013 15:35

Very nice problems. Astounding is No.2 by Fadil, combining the Forseberg twinning with the long cross of black king ! What an achievement. As I said on another occasion, Fadil is the master of helpmates !

Juraj Lörinc
Juraj Lörinc
April 3, 2013 16:43

Overall: In Marianka 2011 there was a lecture by Georgy Evseev: Non-standard twins. He has shown not only helpmates, but problem from various genres, diagrams and solutions are available in Marianka 2011 bulletin.

Ad No. 56: My own try of theme: h#2 with wR and bQ as thematical pieces making round trip.

Ad No. 57: In fact M. Kolčák 50 JT was dedicated to helpmates with twins showing the solution written in a same way in notation as Marek has actively worked in the area, see e.g. his excellent h#3 from Phénix 1999 or his h#2 from Whisky tourney in Turku 1995 that has fooled solvers. The whole award of M. Kolčák 50 JT is available in Marianka 2010 bulletin, starts at page 111 and contains wealth of both fairy and orthodox helpmates with given static theme.

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