BIT 2019, Group C (fairy!)

BIT 2019, Group C (fairy!)


Belgrade Internet Tourneys, Group C – Protean Chess HS#3

The Serbian Problem Chess Society invites composers around the world to take part in the Belgrade Internet Tourneys 2019 in the frames of the 14th Belgrade Problem Chess Festival – 24-26. May 2019.

As in the previous years, there will be three groups: BIT A (#2), BITB (h#2), BIT C (Protean Chess, HS#3) with the same closing date: Tuesday, 30. April 2019

Group C will be dedicated to the memory of IGM Nenad Petrović (7.9.1907-9.11.1989), who passed away 30 years ago:
HS#3, 2 solutions, Protean Chess. No other fairy conditions or fairy pieces are allowed, except royal pieces (only one for each side!): Royal Queen (rQ), Royal Rook (rR), Royal Bishop (rB), Royal Knight (rS) and Royal Pawn (rP). These royal pieces may be present in the initial position (example 2) or may appear during the play. Royal Pawn promotions are allowed. “Supernumerary” pieces in initial position (e.g. 2 white Queens, 3 white Bishops, 3bR, 4 bS, etc…) are permitted if this form is thematically necessary for the problem.
Judge: IGM Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)

See detailed announcement (PDF) with examples, definitions of fairy terms and also competitions Group A&B.

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