VITO RALLO – 80 JT (C 03.08.2019)

VITO RALLO – 80 JT (C 03.08.2019)

VITO RALLO – 80 Jubilee
Thematic Tournament

We are pleased to announce the 80° anniversary of Vito RALLO.
The tournament required H#3 Circe Parrain, where “the piece captured in the last move gives mate thanks to a specifics rebirth”.
There are two sections, one with fairy pieces, one without.
Please send original to
All problems received will be published on BEST PROBLEMS Italian Magazine.
Merit Diploma to the winners.
Last available day for sent: August 3, 2019. | 
Judge: Vlaicu CRISAN.

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February 7, 2019 13:17

In the second example, the second solution mate is by 3…Bf3 (Pg3)#

Paul Rãican
Paul Rãican
March 1, 2019 01:05

I found this magnificent example (with neutral units):
Jan GOLHA, 3rd Prize FIDE Cup 2010
white: Kc2, black: Kf4 Pe6, neutrals: Sf5 Sf6 Bg4
h#3, Circe Parrain, 3 solutions
1.n♗h3 ♔d2 2.n♗xf5 ♔e2 (+n♘g5) 3.exf5 n♘e6 (+n♗d6)#
1.n♘e7 n♗xe6 2.♔e5 (+♙d7) ♔d3 3.dxe6 n♘d7 (+n♗c7)#
1.e5 n♘xg4 2.♔e4 (+n♗f4) ♔c3 3.exf4 n♘g3 (+n♗g2)#

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
March 1, 2019 23:21

A 3-fold exact echo with double-check mate by neutral Bishop and Knight! In each solution Black’s final move is a capture of the neutral Bishop by the Pawn.

1.nBg4-h3 Kc2-d2 2.nBh3*f5 Kd2-e2[+nSg5] 3.e6*f5 nSg5-e6[+nBd6] #
1.nSf5-e7 nBg4*e6 2.Kf4-e5[+bPd7] Kc2-d3 3.d7*e6 nSf6-d7[+nBc7] #
1.e6-e5 nSf6*g4 2.Kf4-e4[+nBf4] Kc2-c3 3.e5*f4 nSf5-g3[+nBg2] #

Dmitri Turevski
Dmitri Turevski
March 2, 2019 13:42

It is not clear, however, if the double check mates are thematic.

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