FIDE ALBUM 2016-2018 – Results in Fairy section

FIDE ALBUM 2016-2018 – Results in Fairy section

The results of the FIDE Album 2016-18 section G are published at WFCC official website!

“An impressive number of 1520 entries (excluding duplicates) were received and they were split in two groups: G1 for fairies without conditions and G2 for problems with at least one fairy condition. This classification was a success as 747 entries were allocated to G1 and 773 to G2. In each group there were three judges with each team of judges working independently. 1331 entries scored at least 4,5 points (87,5% of the total entries, a very good ratio for such a popular genre). 357 problems out of them (63 more compared to the previous album) scored at least 8 points, which represents a ratio of 26,8% selected problems; 125 entries (one third of the selected problems) had already qualified from the WCCI process.” (Harry Fougiaxis)

Our TOP 10:

Name Album G1 Album G2 WCCI Total Points
Petkov, Petko 8 13 6 27 27.00
Loustau, Jean-Marc 19 5 24 22.00
Caillaud, Michel 6 14 20 17.00
Dragoun, Michal 24 6 30 16.83
Gockel, Hubert 4 9 6 19 14.83
Pachl, Franz 6 8 6 20 14.67
Parrinello, Mario 2 8 3 13 13.00
Rittirsch, Manfred 1 12 13 12.50
Lörinc, Juraj 3 5 5 13 12.00
Salai jr., Ladislav 23 23 9.83

“Regarding the selection percentages, I think the results without the “pre-selected” WCCI entries should also be mentioned. As seen below, they are only 14.76% for G1 and 18.47% for G2. In total, they are only 16.63%. If we take the WCCI entries into the total, then obviously the percentages increase.” (Shankar Ram, one of G1 judges)

Thanks a lot to the judges!
Sincere congratulations to all of us!

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shankar ram
shankar ram
June 27, 2021 21:32

Поздравляем Юлю Высоцкую (Латвия) с выполнениям нормы Мастера ФИДЕ по шахматной композиции!!!
Впервые подобный титул завоевывает представительница прекрасного пола!
Congratulations, Julia!

July 6, 2021 23:05

Congrats Julia on being the first lady composer to get the FIDE master title! Shankar did not explain it clearly. The title I am sure is just a small tribute to your already outstanding achievements ! Keep it up 👍

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