In memory of Günther Weeth

In memory of Günther Weeth

In memory of Günther Weeth

(13 August 1935 – 28 December 2020)

By Klaus Wenda (Vienna, Austria)

On 28 December 2020, Thomas Brand’s Retro-blog featured truly sad news: Günther Weeth had died after a long and severe disease.

Günther Weeth became a member of Die Schwalbe, the German association for Problem chess, in 1973 and earned his first spurs as a strong solver. Due to the friendship with retro specialist Josef Haas, his interest in retro analysis awoke. The traditional Christmas solving tourneys of the newspaper “Stuttgarter Zeitung”, widely known by an international problem solving audience, offered him the perfect arena to thrill, or sometimes exasperate, the participants with his witty and tricky riddles.

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Since the summer of 2020, Günther intensively worked on a new project, the defensive retractor with the conditions AntiCirce+Circe. He presented the results of his analysis, decorated with some quite original problems, in an article in Die Schwalbe, 306-2/2020, pp. 821-824. Günther still translated the piece into English before his passing. It is expected to be published in Julia’s Fairies soon.

My sincere sympathies go to Günther’s family, especially to his wife Gudrun, who always appreciated his time-consuming hobby, problem chess. An eminent problemist left Caissa’s World – and I have lost a good friend.

3 problems by Günther Weeth: G.W. – König & Turm 2011 | G.W. – StrateGems 2016 | K.W. & G.W. – Die Schwalbe 287/2017

Vienna, January 2021

Klaus Wenda

Problems by Günther Weeth published on JF 2015-2019: No. 885 | 1223 | 1261 | 1322 | 1357 | 1440

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