JF-10/2017-03/2018: statistics by NSR

JF-10/2017-03/2018: statistics by NSR


Original Problems


1st of April, 2018

Dear authors, readers, one more fairy tournament, JF-10/2017-3/2018, has just ended on the 31st of March. Some statistics already provided by the judge, N.Shankar Ram:

Problems (including 3 revisions): 53 | Composers: 42 | Countries: 19

Help Play: 41 | Antagonistic Play: 12 ?

With Fairy Pieces: 35 | Without Fairy Pieces: 18

With Fairy Conditions: 27 | Without Fairy Conditions: 26
(This justifies the recent WFCC plan to split the Album judging on the above basis!)

Tanagra (<=5 pieces): 17 | Miniature (>5, <=7): 7 | Meredith (>7, <=12): 10 | Other (>12): 19

The next fairy tournament starts after a break, on the 1st of July (the judge: Kjell Widlert). Some more retro problems will be published during this break same as information about other fairy events and competitions – Julia.

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April 6, 2018 12:10

wow! That was pretty fast Shankar Ram! As Julia mentioned it does seem that problems with and without fairy conditions seems almost equal.

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