JuliasFaries Announcement – 080612

JuliasFaries Announcement – 080612


08 Jun, 2012

Coming soon….. 


??? Questions to YOU!!

My dear friends,

I really need your comments as I have too many plans what to do but don’t know what to start from. What is more needed, or not needed at all? I’d be happy to get some feebback from you!

What I have for now:

  • Petko A.Petkov’s article Help-series Problems with Black Series which maybe is needed to be translated into Russian. Please let me know if you’re interested in the translation!
  • Some more comments and examples by P.A.Petkov to the article above will come soon.
  • I have also P.A.Petkov’s article from Uralsky Problemist about hs# problems in Russian. I’m going to make it ready for publishing at the site in 1-2 days from now. But the question will be if anybody needs it in English?
  • At least 1 my original problem most probably will be added this evening (still looking for some improvements). Waiting for some originals from you too!! Thinking about organizing of some tourney for Original Problems section.
  • Fairy terms section needs to be updated, of course!
  • Have got one comment about Chessdiagrammer software (https://juliasfairies.com/software/popeye/bscripts/#comment-403). Does anyone use it? Maybe you could give some comments?

Thanks to all of you for visiting the site!

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June 8, 2012 13:38

Luckily I have the issue of Uralski Problemist with that long article of Petkov of HS. Would love to read in English if it is not too much trouble.

Борис Шорохов
Борис Шорохов
June 11, 2012 11:59

Юлия! Если есть возможность и желание переводить статьи на русский язык, то надо переводить. Если сегодня это надо не многим, то уже завтра это может быть нужно гораздо большему числу композиторов (в том числе и благодаря Вашим переводам).

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