JuliasFaries Announcement – 010612

JuliasFaries Announcement – 010612


01 Jun, 2012

In  connection with the recently announced  tourney Julia’sFairies-HSP-2012 and as an answer to  readers’  interest to   the new form of Help-Self Problem  Julia’sFairies site is publishing IGM Petko A.Petkov’s article Help-series Problems with Black Series (originally published in the excellent magazine StrateGems #54 – 2011). An accent here is made to the special form of HSP where the play starts with the series of black moves, but white has a right to do just the last move, which forces s#1. All the problems shown as Originals are specially composed for this article in 2011. 

Mr.Petkov has also promised to publish some more problems soon to illustrate this topic. I’d like to tell from myself and from all the readers –

Dear Petko, thank you very much for all your efforts!!

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June 2, 2012 09:53

Thanks. Welcome reproduction of Petkov’s article. My query was just out of curiosity and not with any scheme in mind. Perhaps this will kindle my interest to compose something worthwhile !!

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