Kangaroo or Lion ?

Kangaroo or Lion ?


April 22, 2012

Kangaroo or Lion ?

This post is an anwer to the comment on The Main Accent: BATTERY-PLAY:

seetharaman says: April 22, 2012 at 5:35 pm Excellent imagination to show different effects with the similar settings of Nos.4 and 6. Can No.4 be more economical if Lions are used instead of Kangaroo.?

First of all – thank you very much for your deep analysis and your ideas! I appreciate your comments a lot! About the Lions: Yes, I can take off the white pawns (e5, g5) in case of Lions, but at the same time I won’t need to block the squares e2/d2 on the blacks’ second move. So, have to find some other idea for this move. For now I’ve composed 2 versions of the problem No.4 – with Lions (4.1) and with neutrals: Bishop-Lion and Rook-Lion (4.2). Of course, some more motivations are possible to the black knights on the 2nd move.
Julia Vysotska
Probleemblad- 2012

h#2 2 solutions (7+5)
Kangaroos: d2, e2
I. 1.Sxd2(A) KAe6 2.Se2(B) Be4#
II. 1.Sxe2(B) KAh6 2.Sd2 (A) f4#
Zilahi, Umnov, Critical KA-moves, cycle AB-BA of black self-block moves, creation of anti-batteries, Meredith.
2 variations of problem No.4 from the “Battery Play” post:

Julia Vysotska
Version 4.1
h#2 2 solutions (5+7)
Lions: d5,e5
I. 1.Sxd5 LIe8 2.Sd8 Be7 #
II. 1.Sxe5 LIg8 2.Sc8 f7 #
Here the black knights on the 2nd move don’t block the King (as in No.4), but close the line of Ra8. The other thematic is the same.
Julia Vysotska
Version 4.2
h#2 2 solutions (4+6+2)
Neutrals: Bishop-Lion e2, Rook-Lion f2
I. 1.Sxe2 nRLf5 2.Sf6 Bf4 #
II. 1.Sxf2 nBLh5 2.Sg6 g4 #
Here the black knights on the 2nd move don’t block the King (as in No.4), close the lines for neutral BL/RL so these pieces can’t go away on the mating move. The other thematic is the same.

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April 23, 2012 07:27

You are right. While making the comment, I overlooked the need for the second black knight selfblock. You have made an excellent reconstruction. My personal preference is for version 4.1. with the nice interference play. The version with neutral men shows your imagination to think up a nice alternative. No wonder you have won two top prizes in the Kobulchess tourney !! Congratulations !!

Vaclav Kotesovec
April 23, 2012 10:52

My ranking of your versions
1) 4
2) 4.2
3) 4.1
I think that reciprocal change of first and second black moves in version 4 is valuable.

April 23, 2012 18:47

Expert view gratefully noted. Thanks.

Diyan Kostadinov
April 23, 2012 20:09

I also think that the version No 4 is the best (even that in my view on e5 is better to be used black pawn instead of white).

April 23, 2012 21:13

With the experts joining, this discussion is proving to be very interesting and educative. I have one question for the experts:

Suppose in Version 4, we remove Kangaroo e2. Now the problem can be twin (a) Diagram. (b) Move d2 to e2. The theme, play and content are unchanged. Would you prefer the twin setting with one Kangaroo less, or use two white Kangaroos for “multi solution” form ?

Similar twinning possible for version 4.1 also.

Petko Petkov
April 23, 2012 23:05

PETKO PETKOV – I think that this discussion on the theme Kangaroo or Lion is very interesting! Diyan is right obviously, Seetheraman also has gived very interesting proposal, more concrete – to use the only one Kangaroo and twins. I’d like to write a short notice with some diagrams. Is it possible Julia?

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