The Main Accent: BATTERY-PLAY

The Main Accent: BATTERY-PLAY


April, 2012

The Main Accent: BATTERY-PLAY

I’d like to present you my another 7 problems, published at the end of 2011 – beginning of 2012. These problems are helpmates and fairies (h# and hs#) – my preferable genres for now. It’s possible to say, that the main accent of this seria is a battery-play, which is shown in all the problems in different modifications.

Some comments about the battery-play in the problems below

No.1 – the indirect white battery, which plays along the 4th horizontal
No.2 – the creation and play of the white batteries B-R and R-B
No.3 – the black battery plays along the 8th horizontal and transforms
No.4-7 – the anti-batteries, which are possible only in the fairy problems
The interesting ideas in fairies:
No.6 – non-standard theme with the self-blocks of the neutral piece, which is used in the anti-battery creation;
No.7 – another rare theme – the preventive anti-battery, where the whites can’t prevent the mate as they can’t play on the thematic line – if they do, it would create a black anti-battery with the illegal self-check for whites.

In the future posts I’ll write more about these and some other non-standard themes and ideas which figure in my unobtrusive fairy-repertoire..

And now – to the problems…..

1. Helpmates

Julia Vysotska
The 14th Sabra TT – 2011
h#2        2 solutions       (6+11)
I. 1.Sf3 Se3(1…Sxd2?) 2.Se1 Sf1#
II. 1.Bxc4 Bxd4 2.Bf7 Bf2#
ANI-problem: 2 solutions with anti-identical contents in thematic attitude; the both Knights (Sc4/Sd4) which are captured in the first phase, make all half-moves in the second phase; annihilation captures on c4/d4; Bivalve-theme realized by Be6/Sd4; a try with S-self-pin in the first solution; an additional line-opening for Rf8 executed by the wBf6 in the second solution.
This is really the 2nd my problem, composed during the nights of 22-23rd of August, 2011, for Sabra Tourney in Jesi.
Julia Vysotska
The Problemist Supplement – 2012
h#2         2 solutions        (5+5)
I. 1.Se2 Re4 2.Kc6 Rb4 #
II. 1.Se6 Be5 2.Kc5 Bc7 #
Bivalve with additional line-opening for the white forward piece which creates a battery. Aristokrat-problem.

2. Fairies

Julia Vysotska
Уральский Проблемист – 2012

hs#3         b) +bSb8         (7+4)
a) 1.Bb5 Bc7+ 2.e8=S Bd8 3.Sf6+ Bxf6#
b)1.Bc6 Sd7+ 2.e8=B Sf8 3.Bg6+ Sxg6#
Opening of a black battery-line, white under-promotions, transformation of black B/R battery through replacement of forward piece during battery-line, creation of a Dentist-mechanism. Meredith.
Julia Vysotska
Probleemblad- 2012

h#2          2 solutions         (7+5) Kangaroos: d2, e2
I.  1.Sxd2(A) KAe6   2.Se2(B)  Be4#
II. 1.Sxe2(B) KAh6   2.Sd2 (A)   f4#
Zilahi, Umnov, Critical KA-moves, cycle AB-BA of black self-block moves, creation of anti-batteries, Meredith.
Julia Vysotska
The Problemist – 2012

hs#2,5         2 solutions        (6+9) Lions b7, f3
I. 1… f1=B 2.LIb4 Be2 3.LIf4+ Bxf3#
II. 1… f1=LI 2.LIh3 LIb5 3.LId7+ LIxb7#
Creation of reciprocal white anti-batteries (Lion-Lion), black under-promotions, model mates.
Julia Vysotska
StrateGems – 2012

h#2      2 solutions          (5+5+2)
Neutral Grasshoppers: c5, f5
I.   1.Q×c5 Sc3(A) 2.Qf8 Sd3#(B)
II. 1.Q×f5 Sd3(B) 2.Qf2 Sc3#(A)
Creation of bi-color anti-batteries S/nG, Zilahi theme, distant self-blocks of the neutral Grasshoppers, cycle AB – BA of the white moves. Meredith.
Julia Vysotska
Tehtäväniekka – 2012

hs#3          2 solutions         (6+7)
Kangaroos: a8, e8
I. 1.Rd5 KAf3 2.gxf3 Ra6 3.Qe6+ Rxe6 # (not 4.Re5?? – illegal self-check from KAe8, because of creation of the preventive anti-battery on vertical “e” !)
II. 1.Re5 KAe3 2.dxe3 Ba4 3.Qc6+ Bxc6 # (not 4.Rd5?? – illegal self-check from KAа8, because of creation of the preventive anti-battery on  diagonal a8-h1!)
Specific mates using Q and KA on the one line, with the impossibility for white to prevent checks because of anti-batteries creation, double white self-block, change of functions of black pieces, reciprocal sacrifices of black KA, model mates.

My dear readers, I’d appreciate your comments! Also, I’d like to invite you to send your own ideas and problems for this topic – I’d include them into this post.



The diagrams created at ankona – – prime site for organizing chess problems: diagram images, cataloging and solving interface.
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Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
April 21, 2012 15:12

Excellent examples! About helpmates: as you note that No1 is just your second composed chess problem it is interesting to see the improvement of your skills (the first example can be made even in Meredith form, but the next helpmate is crystal clear realised). About the fairies: all of them are excellent! You demonstrate a great composing talant so I wish you good luck and successful future in this area. (In comments of No3 you can add also “Forsberg twins” 😉 )

April 22, 2012 16:30

The problems are all very good. I like No.3 very much showing the difficult battery transformation and neat white first moves !
No.6 shows a nice idea of neutral piece mate. Usually neutral mates require double checks but you have found the exception (perhaps not new). But…. I would have preferred if black moved the neutral G into position for the mates.

April 22, 2012 17:35

Excellent imagination to show different effects with the similar settings of Nos.4 and 6. Can No.4 be more economical if Lions are used instead of Kangaroo.?

April 23, 2012 07:17
Reply to  Julia

Seetharaman is my first name. In our part of India we like to known/called by our first names (rather than our family, parents name…. “Kalyan” or Kalyanasundaram.) For short, you may call me Ram also.

April 24, 2012 23:39

No.7 is topclass showing Orthogonal-diagonal echo mates. I like the way the white first moves Re5 and Rd5 interchange as played and unplayable moves !

May 14, 2012 16:11

Задача №2 очень хороша. Мне ее Андрей Селиванов в машине показывал, решил я быстро за 1 минуту, но использование материала отличное – черный ферзь супер! На мой взгляд это явный приз и кандиадат в Альбом ФИДЕ. Если бы я судил – то 3 балла железные, а то и 3,5 за нахлдку. Поздравляю!

May 14, 2012 16:57
Reply to  Julia

Без ферзя было бы вообще фантастика. Но и одной фигурой укротить – это очень сильно. Решил за минуту, потому что я же кооперативщик 🙂
На Ваш вопрос в другой ветке про №1 очвечу здесь. В данной схеме Вы наверное все “выжали”. Но! Всегда надо пробовать другие фйигуры, смежные идеи и т.д.
Например вот так:
Kg8 Rd1 Ba1 Sd2 Se5 pd6
Ke6 Rc1 Bf5 Sd3 Se4 ph6
H#2 ( 6 + 6 )
Может ээто и не совсем то что Вы хотели показать, но по сути Ваша идея удвоена, плюс перекрывается одна и таже черная ладья. Может и пешку черную снять можно – я на скорую руку делал. Конечно есть минус определенный – на одних и тех дже полях перекрытие и мат, но тема Зилахи нарисовалась. Но это очень похоже на мою задачу из того же турнира, которую не очень оценили 🙂 В общем Вам решать. А первоначальную позицию еще посмотрю 🙂

May 14, 2012 23:06
Reply to  Julia

Можно как то так попробовать.
На 4 фигуры меньше+маты правильные.
White Ke3 Rh5 Bb5 Sf5 Bf4 Pc6
Black Kb6 Qc2 Rc1 Rb8 Ba7 Bg6 Sg5

К сожалению одну и ту же фигуру черных перекрыть не удалось – доска по вертикали маловата 🙂

Petko A.Petkov
Petko A.Petkov
May 15, 2012 10:18
Reply to  Julia

To previous version by Valera Gurov: in my opinion, it is insufficiently good. Possible is a better position – without white Pawns, Meredith form:
White: Kc4, Re8, Bd5, Bh2, Se5 (5)
Black: Kf1, Qg6, Ra2,Rb2, Bc7, Se6, Pf2 (7)
H#2 2 solutions (C+)
1.Sd4 Sf3 2.Sc2 Sd2#
1.Bxe5 Bxe6 2.Bg3 Bh3#
[imgcomment image [/img]
But I made this position quickly and I`m not sure that it is optimum,therefore – other impovements are probably possible.

Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
May 15, 2012 14:27

Now I remember that during the congress I looking for this version:

Diyan Kostadinov
Diyan Kostadinov
May 15, 2012 14:31

hmm, its look that the image was not attached, so the position is:
white: Kb5, Rf8, Bd2, Se4, Sf6
black: Ke2, Qc8, Rc6, Sf7, Pd3
h#2 b)+wBd5 (5+5) C+

a) 1.Se5 Sd5 2.Sc4 Sc3#
b) 1.R:f6 B:f7 2.Re6 Bh5#

Ramesh Abhiraman
Ramesh Abhiraman
May 19, 2012 18:20

Congratulations on elegant compositions in battery, anti-battery helpmates. Very talented!

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