wenda_klausKlaus Wenda 75 JT

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Klaus Wenda (* September 13, 1941), Die Schwalbe and feenschach announce the Klaus Wenda 75 Jubilee Tourney.

Required are problems with Double-Grashopper, Double-Rookhopper and/or Double-Bishophopper. An additional fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed, but the problems have to be computer tested (please mention the program). The following stipulations are allowed: #n, s#n, r#n, semi-r#n, ser-s#n, pser-s#n and hs#n with any number of moves.

Judges: Klaus Wenda and Hans Gruber. A formidable prize fund will be awarded by the judges. Closing date: February 28, 2017. 
feenschachlogoschwalbe-logo Entries should be sent to director Ulrich Ring: Egerländer Straße 41, D-64380 Roßdorf; wenda-75@rxng.de

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