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Slovak organization of chess composition announces on the occasion of the 8th International Chess Composition Festival 30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2016 C 17.8.2016.

Theme: Twomover in three phases with two variations each using any kind of fairy pieces, but no fairy conditions. Any combinations of mate changes and transferences are allowed, except change of two mates in three phases (Z-32-26). It is also allowed to extend the thematical content (number of phases, variations, move functions etc.). Anybody can take part in the tourney, including composers not present in Marianka. The closing date is the 17.8.2016, entries to the director and judge Juraj Brabec (only by e-mail) – to brabec@brabec.sk. The results will be announced at the end of the festival on Sunday 21.8.2015, the winner will get the Marianka 2016 Festival Cup. See examples in Marianka Cup 2016 announcement (PDF).

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