30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2014

MariankaLogo30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2014


Organizers of festival Marianka 2014 announce theme tourney for compositions with supertransmuting king. Deadline is set to 29.8.2014, Juraj Brabec will be the judge.

Details of the announcement are given in the following file (in Slovak and English): Marianka Cup 2014 announcement

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9 Responses to 30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2014

  1. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    Is this condition programmed (under Popeye or WinChloe)?

    Is it possible, once the original King is supertransmuted, to promote into a new King?

    • Supertransmuting king problems can be checked by Popeye.

      I do not think it is possible to normally promote to King when the King is not there anymore. But I think it was not considered by the inventor at all. And you can stipulate “K promotions allowed” as additional fairy elements are allowed in the tourney.

      Personally I have always avoided composing Supertransmuting king problems as I have felt there are multiple uncovered points. But now for Marianka Cup I have decided to try it, considering the Popeye interpretation of rules as canonical. That’s the way I can work consistently and even check majority of my ideas.

  2. Kenneth Solja says:

    from Popeye you can found WhiteSuperTransMutingKing or BlackSuperTransmutingKing

  3. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    Thanks. Which are Popeye’s command for example 2? I tried the following but no solution:

    Cond blacksupertransmutingking
    Cond whitesupertransmutingking
    Cond circe
    Stip h#2.5
    Pieces white Pe2 RHh3 Kf2 black Ga7h4 Ke6 RHf8 Pd7f4

  4. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    The first example is fine with Popeye, but there is a misprint at the end of the solution (Kd6=Sd6# is a white move).

    Concerning the second example, what about the possibility, for the bK, to capture the checking piece and to be transmuted?

  5. Seetharamanseetharaman says:

    I believe that the King must move immediately on being checked (other options like interposing or capturing the checking piece being unavailable). .. That is what the definition in the tourney announcement says. Definition in some other websites are not so specific.

  6. Nicolas Dupontdupont says:

    Yes, but the King in check may capture the checking piece, isn’t it? Anyway Popeye is fine with such a kind of move. According to this program, example 2 seems unsound: I putted the final position for solution b) and asked for black legal moves. Here is the result:

    Cond blacksupertransmutingking
    Cond circe
    Stip h~1
    Pieces white Pf4g2 RHf3 black Ga7h4 Kf5 RHf8 Pd7f4g3


    Maybe the piece in h3 is not a rook hopper ?

    • Seetharamanseetharaman says:

      Oh yes… I omitted to note that the King can capture the checking piece ! (though it might not be possible in some checks by grasshopper)

  7. Laco Packa says:

    On the website Die Schwalbe is the German definition of Supertransmutingking:
    “Ein König im Schach zieht nur wie der Schach bietende Stein. Bieten gleichzeitig mehrere Steine Schach, werden alle Gangarten übernommen. Nach dem Parieren des Schachs behält er diese erworbenen Zugfähigkeiten und verliert seinen royalen Status. Das Spiel geht ggf. ohne königliche Figur dieser Seite weiter. “Parieren des Schachs” ist nur das Ziehen aus dem Wirkungsbereich der schachbietenden Steine, nicht notwendigerweise das Ziehen auf ein unbedrohtes Feld.”
    Briefly: if the king is in the double (multiple) chess acquires mobility OF BOTH (ALL) chess-giving pieces.
    Popeye does not behave according to it. After doublecheck the king does not obtain the mobility of both figures, but has to choose only one of them. I asked an explanation from Juraj Brabec (referee of the tournament) and he confirmed the second alternative. Thus Popeye solves problems with Supertransmutingking correctly.

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