Milan Velimirovic (21.04.1952-25.02.2013)

Milan Velimirovic (21.04.1952-25.02.2013)

milan-velimirovic Milan Velimirovic

Milan Velimirović passed away on the 25th of February, 2013….

On the 61-st year of his life, the world known Serbian chess composer, international grandmaster, Milan Velimirović, has died after a short bout with cancer.

candleSincere condolences to Milan’s family, relatives and friends!

I’d like to quote some very good words written about Milan:

  • By Marjan Kovačević on Mat Plus website:

“Dear friends, Milan Velimirović passed away this morning. The terrible news came much faster then a possible medical help he had avoided till the last days. His problems with health were obvious at the end of last year, soon after concluding the monumental work „Themes & Terms“, in a collaboration that he enjoyed so much, with his Finish friend Kari Valtonen. The last months he spent at home. In January, he had an idea to recover for his favourite solving competition ISC, but he couldn’t make it. Before that, in December, he participated in the last round of the Serbian League of Solvers 2012, that he won in a convincing way. →Read more… (click to show/hide)

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  • By Siegfried Hornecker on Mat Plus website:

“To me, Milan was a friend, and I am honored to be able to say that. When I first came to the forums in 2007, he already was generously helping me out and with the revival of his magazine, he also allowed me to publish my originals in it and even to write a few articles in MatPlus Review. →Read more… (click to show/hide)

“With the sadly premature death of Serbia’s Milan Velimirović the problem world has lost one of its great exponents and promoters. Emerging as one of the most prominent of a group of talented composers based in Belgrade in the late 1960s, he was greatly influenced by Miroslav Stošić, who died in 1975 at the age of 25, and whom Milan regarded as an elder brother. A Grandmaster for both composition and solving, editor of the top class magazines Mat and Mat Plus, the author of a number of important contributions to chess problem literature, director of solving events, and the driving force behind the Mat Plus website, Milan’s enthusiasm for chess composition knew no limits, as those who had the pleasure of meeting him at problem meetings could testify. →Read more… (click to show/hide)

“Очень печальная новость пришла из Сербии, где ушел из жизни международный гроссмейстер по шахматной композиции и международный гроссмейстер по решению Милан Велимирович (21.04.1952 – 25. 02. 2013). Это большая утрата для мировой шахматной композиции. Трудно оценить вклад Милана в развитие шахматной композиции в ее самых разных направлениях. →Read more… (click to show/hide)

“Скоропостижно скончался 25 февраля этого года, на 61-м году жизни известный шахматный композитор, международный гроссмейстер, Милан Велимирович! Жаль, очень жаль, что его нет уже среди нас. Как видно из печати его кончина не оставила никого равнодушным, и это естественно. →Read more… (click to show/hide)

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