WinChloe update – 04/2013

WinChloe update – 04/2013

WinChloe – April’s update of
WinChloe & Echecs database!

    • Two versions of WinChloe solving program are released during April 2013, and the last one is WinChloe 3.23 as of today! Features added or corrected:

3.23 (apr. 13)
Correction of a bug preventing to copy (RTF) more than one record.
3.22 (apr. 13)
4 bugs fixed :
– Isardam works now with all the fairy pieces
– No more crash with the combination Maximum conséquent + Maximum conséquent blanc
– 64-bits engine is now Windows 8 compatible
– Pawns were not correctly handled in selfmates with only 2 black pieces.
New stipulation programmed:
– Direct inverse de série
New conditions programmed:
– Poursuite monocolore noire
– Circé jovien
– Circé diagramme jovien
– Circé jovien strict
– Circé espion double échange
– Promotions blanches interdites
– Promotions noires interdites
New theme programmed: Avanta

  • The latest update (as of 12-Apr-2013) of WinChloe Echecs database is available for those, who uses it. The number of problems has increased till 469088!  
  • 196 of original problems published at (including two TT’s of 2012) are added to WinChloe Echecs database as of 12-Apr-2013. Thanks a lot to all who does this huge work of updating and to the author, Christian Poisson!!

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