Originals 14-270516

Originals 14-270516



Original Problems


14-27th of May, 2016

  • (26.05) No.1081 – Georgy Evseev (h#11; Active Chess; Rose-Hopper; Royal Rose-Hopper). Dedicated to Shankar Ram. “Active Chess” is not implemented, offered by the author to unify solutions by different solving programs.
  • (27.05) No.1071.1 – Vito Rallo & Mario Parrinello (h#2; Kangaroo-Lion; Andernach). A version of problem No.1071 “dedicated to Laco Packa and Georgy Evseev who made good efforts in improving the problem. Many thanks.” (Authors)
  • (26.05) No.1080 – Aleksey Oganesjan (hs#2.5). Shown for the first time?
  • (24.05) No.1077, 1078, 1079 – Karol Mlynka: Three problems with author’s favorite Super-Transmuting King: No.1077 (#5; White Super-Transmuting King; Royal Bishop-Locust); No.1078 (h#3; White Super-Transmuting King); No.1079 (ser-h#6; White Super-Transmuting King; Annan Chess).
  • (23.05) No.1076 – Andreas Thoma (-9 & #1 Klan Retractor; Anti-Circe Calvet). “The first two men retro with Klan.” (Author).
  • (22.05) No.1074, 1075 – Erich Bartel: No.1074 (h==8; PWC; Madrasi RI; Alphabetic Chess; Equihopper); No.1075 (h=4; Circe; Contra-Grasshopper).
  • (21.05) No.1073 – N.Shankar Ram (h=2*; Kangaroo-Rose). Kangaroo-Rose exists in WinChloe only and can make a cycle move to the own square.
  • (17.05) No.1072 – Peter Harris (h#2,5; Royal Princess; Sentinels). With a gratitude for the dedication to my princesses!
  • (17.05) No.1071 – Vito Rallo & Mario Parrinello (h#2; Kangaroo-Lion; Andernach).
  • (14.05) No.1070 – Krassimir Gandev (s#7; Royal Dummy; Berolina Super Pawn; Super Pawn; Reverse Pawn; Rook-Locust).
  • (14.05) No.1068, 1069 – Ladislav Packa: No.1068 (h#2; vertical/horizontal cylinder; Grasshopper; Lion); No.1069 (#2; Anti-Circe).

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe’s graphics.

All previously published problems you can find in the subsections of Original Problems menu on the top. The judge of informal fairy tournament JF-2016(I) – Petko A. PetkovThe judge of Retro and PG problems 2015-2016Thomas Brand.

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