Originals October 2021

Originals October 2021

JF Original Problems | October, 2021

The judge of JF-2021/II: not appointed yet.
The judge of Retro & PG problems 2021-2022: Thomas Brand.

Coming AFTER WCCC 16-23.oct: Andrew Buchanan (Hong Kong), Daniel Novomesky (Slovakia), Ali Okan Pandar (Turkey), Anirudh Daga (India)

  • (09.10) No.1659 (PG 11 ; PWC) Michel Caillaud (France) & S. K. Balasubramanian (India) & Velmurugan Nallusamy (India).  “It was unfortunate that Pr. No. 1648 was cooked. However, Mr. Michel Caillaud was kind enough to suggest a new version with less moves which is most unlikely to be cooked. He was also gracious to have it as a joint publication of we three.” (SKB)
  • (09.10) No.1658 (=2 vvv) Gerhard Maleika (Germany). Warm welcome to Gerhard! Author says “This is perhaps the first orthodox (no fairy pieces)  stalemate twomover on this website.” – yes, it is!
  • (09.10) No.1657 (hs#3) Mykola Vasyuchko (Ukraine). Warm welcome to Mykola! For me the most fairy moment in this problem is a far away Ukrainian village, Mala Snihurivka, from where it has arrived.
  • (09.10) No.1656 (h#5.5 ; Functionary Chess) Niels Danstrup (Denmark). “… In the second solution it is opposite…

Animated diagrams use Py2Web by Dmitri Turevski and WinChloe‘s graphics, Christian Poisson

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