“Pata morgana” – Quick TT-240 by SuperProblem

“Pata morgana” – Quick TT-240 by SuperProblem


Quick Composing TT-240 by SuperProblem

Tourney name: “Pata morgana
Stipulation: =N, ser-=N, h=N.5, hs=N.5, ser-hs=N
Theme: in a diagram position of =N, ser-=N, h=N.5 (hs=N.5, ser-hs=N) problem, Black (White) is stalemated. But White (Black) begins a play and, due to absence of waiting moves, he is forced to destroy this stalemate.
In solution, a structure of final stalemate can be the same or different compare to the one in the diagram position.
Any kinds of twins are allowed if its are thematic. Fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed.
Depending on quantity and quality of sent problems, the judge can divided an award into several subsections or, vice versa, can combine several sections into the one.
Judge: Aleksey Oganesjan. | Closing date: May 7, 2020 Download the announcement (pdf, 220 KB)
Entries to Aleksey Oganesjan via e-mail: alexeioganesyan@gmail.com
Award will be published on the website http://superproblem.ru

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