Popeye – short history

Popeye – short history

I’m happy to  add a new topic to the section about Popeye solving software – 

A short history of POPEYE
by Thomas Brand, Germany

I’m very grateful to Thomas for sharing his  memories and I’d like to invite all of you to add your own views of how it all has began… 

I’d like to mention that some time before Thomas Brand has written to me about his own batch-scripts for Popeye he uses for a long time. There’re also some interesting moments to compare with what I’ve written in my Batch-scripts to run PopeyeSo, I’ll add later what I’ve learned!

Also, Thomas has just started his retro blog –  www.thbrand.de – the author tells about: “I hope to have some interesting stuff for retro friends (and also interested beginners). In the moment the articles and pages are mostly “German only”, but I plan to provide English translations or summaries at least.” 

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