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Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (II): May – August

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No.323 – Geoff Foster – A very nice three-men with Poseidons’ play! (JV)


Poseidon (PO): The Marine King is named “Poseidon”. The Poseidon moves like a King when not capturing, and captures adjacent pieces like a Locust.

Locust (L): moves on Q-lines but only by capturing an enemy unit, arriving on the square immediately beyond that unit, which must be vacant.

Take & Make: Having captured, a unit must immediately, as part of its move, play a non-capturing move in imitation of the captured unit from the capture-square. If no such move is available, the capture is illegal. Promotion by capture occurs only when a pawn arrives on the promotion rank as the result of a take&make move. Checks are as in normal chess: after the notional capture of the checked K, the checking unit does not move away from the K’s square.

PWC: When a capture is made, the captured unit (except a King) is replaced on the square the capturing unit just leaves. A Pawn is immovable on its 1st rank.

No.323 Geoff Foster
series-h#29                                  (2+1)
Take & Make
Poseidons: c5, h1
Solution: (click to show/hide)

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May 25, 2013 15:38

It seems Take & Make condition is added only because it is a Poseidon. With King instead of PO, the black king will be making almost similar half-circle moves and the problem will solve in 25 moves.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
May 26, 2013 10:53
Reply to  seetharaman

Seetharaman has made a very good point! Here is a PWC example with normal kings.

J.A.Pancaldo & J.J.Lois, commended, feenschach 1978
ser-h#38; (2+1)
1.Kf7-g7 2.Kg7-h6 3.Kh6-h5 4.Kh5-h4 5.Kh4-g3 6.Kg3*h3[+wPg3] 7.Kh3-g2 8.Kg2-f3 9.Kf3*g3[+wPf3] 10.Kg3-f2 11.Kf2-e3 12.Ke3*f3[+wPe3] 13.Kf3-e2 14.Ke2-d3 15.Kd3*e3[+wPd3] 16.Ke3-d4 17.Kd4*d3[+wPd4] 18.Kd3-c4 19.Kc4-d5 20.Kd5*d4[+wPd5] 21.Kd4-c5 22.Kc5-d6 23.Kd6*d5[+wPd6] 24.Kd5-c6 25.Kc6-d7 26.Kd7*d6[+wPd7] 27.Kd6-e7 28.Ke7*d7[+wPe7] 29.Kd7-e8 30.Ke8-f7 31.Kf7*e7[+wPf7] 32.Ke7-f8 33.Kf8-g7 34.Kg7*f7[+wPg7] 35.Kf7-g8 36.Kg8-h7 37.Kh7*g7[+wPh7] 38.Kg7-h6 h7-h8=Q #

The way the pawn is moved up the board is the same as in my problem, but the way the pawn is moved across the board is a bit different.

May 26, 2013 17:00
Reply to  Geoff Foster

Nice problem with black king coming back to f7,g7 and h6 by a round-tour!