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Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (II): May – August

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No.356 by Dominique Forlot  – A nice Masand-Miniature with AUW! (JV)

Masand: A unit which moves and actively checks changes the colour of all the units – enemy and its own (not Ks) – which it observes after the move. A checking rear (non-moving) piece of a battery would not recolour the units it observes.

No.356 Dominique Forlot
356-h#2-dfh#2                2 solutions             (4+3)
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August 13, 2013 12:11

Very nice AUW. Interesting Masand effects. I like the second solution with cross check effect.

S. K. Balasubramanian
S. K. Balasubramanian
August 13, 2013 19:53

I think Rex inclusive may also be possible in this type provided the checking piece checks both the kings simultaneously.

Nikola Predrag
Nikola Predrag
August 16, 2013 17:17

Completely useless white piece Be2 in one solution is a serious flaw and wBa5 is a poorly used white piece. Twinning would be more acceptable, for instance:
(W: Pe7 Bc2 Ke1; B: Bb8 Sb7 Kc7 Pb2; Twin b)-wBc2)

or perhaps more interesting possibility with a capture of wB by bB which becomes wB in the end:
W:Pd7,Bd4,Kg1; B:Ba8,Sa7,Kb7,Pa2;H#2;b)wKg1>h1;Masand
a) 1.Kb8 d8S 2.a1R[a7=w]+ Be5[a1=w]#
b) 1.a1B d8Q 2.Bxd4 Qb6[d4=w][a7=w]#

Dominique Forlot
Dominique Forlot
August 20, 2013 23:03

Thank you for your comments and appreciations!

The proposal of Nikola Predrag is really attractive with the twins b)wKg1->h1 : I like it !