Julia's Fairies

No.403 (SD)

Stephan Dietrich (Germany)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.403 by Stephan Dietrich – A nice “Marine Aristocrat”! (JV)


Poseidon (PO): The Marine King is named “Poseidon”. The Poseidon moves like a King when not capturing, and captures adjacent pieces like a Locust.

Functionary Chess: A piece can move only if it is threatened.

No.403 Stephan Dietrich
h#5               b) Bf3→g2             (3+3)
Functionary chess
Poseidons: e4, f4
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Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
October 27, 2013 22:54

The solution doesn’t make any sense. Should there be a fairy condition?

Kjell Widlert
Kjell Widlert
October 28, 2013 22:06

I find this quite good! Not mainly because of the aristocratic form, and not because of the two mates from h5, but because of all that happens in the play. In a), wS wants to go to d4 (to protect POd4 from check), but can’t go directly because that would capture bS – which has to stay on d4 to empower wS to move at all. So wS has to go a round-about way via f5, and meanwhile Black can only move his PO – which has to triangulate via g3-g4. Luckily, wS arrives to f5 and bS to e2 at just the right moment to allow POg4 (Bf3 does not check because it is not attacked by POg4). The battery mate must be Bh5 as wB must be attacked to guard g4; not 5. – Be3+? 6.POe3! nor 5. – Bf5+? 6.POxf5-f6! nor 5. – Bf3+? 6.POxf3-f2!
In b), with good twinning, bS again has to wait on d4 until wS has left. The bS has to go to g3 via f5 instead. The wS has to go to e6 for the sole reason of making POf5 legal, a nice motif that fully excuses the wS being passive at the end. And in the end, Bg5 – which has quietly made the wS walks possible by observing e7/d8 – gets to do something active by legalizing POh5.
By the way, “observe” is a better term than “attack” in Functionary Chess. The bSg3 does not really attack POe4/POh5 (White is not in check), but still it activates the wPO by observing it.

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