Julia's Fairies

No.454 (AS&CP)

Adrian Storisteanu &
Cornel Pacurar 

Warm welcome to Adrian and Cornel in Original Problems section of JF!


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2013 (III): September- December

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No.454 by Adrian Storisteanu & Cornel Pacurar – A very dynamic and surprising play in Miniature! Warm welcome to Adrian and Cornel! – It’s very nice to see Canadian authors in Original Problems section!  (JV)


PWC: When a capture is made, the captured unit (except a King) is replaced on the square the capturing unit just leaves. A Pawn is immovable on its 1st rank.

Anti-Super Circe: On making a capture, any capturing unit (including the King) is reborn on any free field on the board (without causing a self-check or a selfmate) or can be removed from the board . Thus every move has two active parts: capturing component (capture of enemy piece) and rebirth (replacing) component. If the first or second component is not possible, the move is illegal. The captured unit disappears as in normal chess. Pawns (white, black, neutrals, half-neutrals) can be reborn on the first or eight row. When reborn on the first row (for Black) or the 8th row (for White), the promotion (as the second move’s part) is obligatory and the promoted unit is chosen by the capturing side. White reborn Pawns on 1st  rank (black on 8th) have no power. Normal, orthodox rules for castling and en passant are in force with the following additional elements: castling is permitted with the reborn King or (plus) Rook, and en passant is possible in combination with the Pawn’s promotion as second component of the same capturing move.

No.454 Adrian Storisteanu & Cornel Pacurar
Plus c’est la même chose, plus ça change…
original – 10.12.2013
h#2,5            2 solutions       (0+3+2n)
Anti-Super Circe
(no white King)
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