Julia's Fairies

No.519 (JM)

János Mikitovics (Hungary)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2014 (I): January – April

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No.519 by János Mikitovics – A nice hs# Miniature, Aristocrat with a difficult play!  (JV)


Locust(L): Moves along Queen lines only by capturing an enemy unit, arriving on the square immediately beyond that unit, which must be vacant.

Rook-Locust(LR): Moves like Locust, but on Rook-lines only.

Bishophopper(BH): Moves along Bishop-lines over another unit of either color to the square immediately beyond that unit. A capture may be made on arrival, but the hurdle is not affected.

PAO(PA): Chinese piece operating along Rook lines: moves as Rook, but captures only by hopping over a hurdle to any square beyond.

Swapping Kings: If a move exposes the opponent’s King to a check under normal rules, then the two Kings are switched, and check or checkmate is newly evaluated, and of course a move is illegal if after such a switch one’s own King is in check.

No.519 János Mikitovics
519-hs#5-jmhs#5                                              (4+3)
Locust g2; Rook-Locust h3
Bishophopper d5; PAO a5
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János Mikitovics
János Mikitovics
March 25, 2014 23:52

Dear Friends,
Here is a plan with the diagonal batteries.
The version is C+ from the second move only. I would be very glad if somebody, who likes the idea, as a co-author, would find the correct setting.

White La6 Bc6 PAd5 Kc3 (4)
Black La7 Ke4 Gh4 (3)
hs#7 Swapping-Kings
bGrasshopper h4, wPAO d5, wLocust a6, bLocust a7

1.PAd5- ~ [Ke4Kc3]?
{Cooks 1.Bc6-a4 Gh4-d4} C+ -> 2 .PAd5-c5 Gd4-b6 3 .La6*b6-c6[Ke4Kc3] Kc3-d2 4 .PAc5-c2! Kd2-d1 5 .PAc2-a2[Kd1Ke4]! + Ke4-d3 6.Ba4-c2 [Kd3Kd1] + Kd1-c1 7 .Kd3-c3 La7*a2-a1[Kc1Kc3] #

Theme: from a pseudo-battery is an echo anti-battery.

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