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JF Retro and PG problems 2015-2016

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No.495.1 by Klaus Wenda – Proca Retractor; the improved version to No.495 (was cooked and had been disqualified in the Retro-Award 2013-14). The problem will participate in the current competition Retro and PG problems 2015-2016. (JV)


The -6 & #1 stipulation means: retract 6 moves and then the White (forward) mating move.

Defensive Retractor: In Defensive Retractors, White and Black retract (take back) a given number of moves (-n moves), in order to reach a position in which a forward stipulation (e.g. #1, s#1) is met. Given a choice, Black will retract those moves that avoid or delay White’s goal. Unless otherwise stated, Black may defend by mating White through a forward move, if such an opportunity exists after one of Black’s retractions.
The different kinds of Defensive Retractors only differ in the way uncaptures are handled, of course only legal uncaptures are allowed:

  • In Proca Retractors the retracting side decides, if and what man was uncaptured.
  • In Hoeg Retractors the opposite side decides, if and what man was uncaptured.
  • In Klan Retractors always White decides, if and what man was uncaptured.
  • In Pacific Retractors there are no uncaptures at all.

Anti-Circe: Anti-Circe Calvet (the default type): After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces go to the promotion square of the file of capture. Anti-Circe Cheylan: As Anti-Circe Calvet except that captures on the rebirth square are not allowed.

No.495.1 Klaus Wenda

version of No.495 – 18.09.2015

Solution: (click to show/hide)

white Ke3 Rg3 Sd6 Pc2d2 black Ke1 Qa8 Rb8 Rh2 Bb2 Bd5 Pb5f5

-6 & #1     Proca Retractor        (4+8)
Anti-Circe Cheylan

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