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No.1002 Cornel Pacurar

original – 09.02.2016
Dedicated to the “Quartzomaniacs” group!

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white Ke1 Bc8 black Ka1 Sb5 Qd4

-2 & #1    Proca Retractor       (2+3)
Anti-Circe Assassin

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Eric Huber
February 10, 2016 22:39

This problem is the first Proca Retractor Anti-Circe Assassin ever published and it is a promising start.
The solution may be short, but it is both surprising and specific. It even shows the Phoenix theme (capture of white Bishop and promotion into Bishop) in retro play.

Both black pieces are useful. Cooks would appear, should you eliminate the bQ or bS.
For instance without bQ: -1.Kd1xPe2(Ke1, -wQe1) e3-e2 -2.Be6-c8 & 1.Kc2#
Or without bS: -1.Kc1xPd2(Ke1,-wQe1) d3-d2 -2.Qe7-b4 & 1.Qb4-a3#

Vlaicu Crisan
Vlaicu Crisan
February 13, 2016 21:43

Thank you for the dedication, Cornel! 🙂

AntiCirce Assassin opens some new opportunities in Proca Retractor field. There are significant differences compared with classic AntiCirce (Calvet and/or Cheylan) to make it worth considering.

In the above pioneer problem we can see some specific AntiCirce Assassin motivations: white passive suicide (wBe1) and virtual bK explosion threat (doubled in the forward play).

Cornel Pacurar
February 14, 2016 00:11

Up to this point, the application of Assassin rebirths to Retro genres (Proca, Help and Series Retractors) has been an almost exclusively Romanian affair – either Romanian (Paul Raican, Vlaicu Crisan, Eric Huber) or Romanian-born (Adrian Storisteanu, Cornel Pacurar) composers. I hope this will change soon!

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