Geoff Foster (Australia)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1058 Geoff Foster

original – 26.04.2016
Dedicated to Peter Harris

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black Kc7 neutral Sd4 neutral Chameleon Se2

h#3            b) Kc7→a4       (0+1+2)
Chameleon Circe
Neutral Chameleon e2

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Luce Sebastien
Luce Sebastien
April 26, 2016 22:12

Another nice idea by Geoff,
the variation a) is the most spectacular !

Luce Sebastien
Luce Sebastien
April 26, 2016 22:19

…but Winchloe gives some cook in a) and no solution in b) 🙁
1.CAn×d4(F)(Fnc1) Fnb2 2.CAn×b2(T)(Tna1) Tna6 3.Tnb6 CAn×b6(D)(Dnd8)‡
1.CAn×d4(F)(Fnc1) Fnf4+ 2.Rb7 Fnc7 3.Ra8 CAna7(T)‡
1.Rb8 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Fnc5 Fna7+ 3.Ra8 CAn×a7(T)(Tnh8)‡
1.Rb8 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Ra8 Fnc5 3.Fna7 …
1.Rb8 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Ra8 Fnd6 3.Fnc7 …
1.Rb7 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Fnc5 Fna7 3.Ra8 …
1.Rb7 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Fnd6 Fnc7 …
1.Rb7 CAn×d4(F)(Fnf8) 2.Ra8 …
b) ???

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
April 27, 2016 04:21

I wrote to Christian Poisson about what I considered to be a bug in WinChloe. He replied: “actually, the bug is in Popeye, as it considers that a Chameleon is an orthodox piece, but is not, it is a fairy piece, and fairy pieces don’t transform in Circé caméléon”.

The “cooks” found by WinChloe in (a) have the bK on a8 in check from a Chameleon Rook on a7, with 4.Kxa7 being illegal because the Chameleon Rook would remain as a Rook and be reborn on a1. WinChloe did not find any solution in (b) because the Popeye solution has captured Chameleons being transformed before being reborn.

I don’t agree with Christian, because (unlike most other fairy pieces) a Chameleon has a natural sequence of transformations. The solution to (a) seems especially natural, with both pieces being transformed with each capture.

There have been other Circe problems using Chameleons, and WinChloe has a special condition called “Renaissance comme la pièce orthodoxe correspondante” to handle them. Unfortunately this condition has not actually been programmed and Christian has no plans to do so.

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
April 27, 2016 04:45

I made a slight mistake above. In WinChloe’s “cook” in (a), after 4.Kxa7 the captured Chameleon Rook would be reborn on a8 (the promotion square of a fairy piece), not a1. This “cook” is not found by Popeye because the Chameleon would be transformed to Queen and be reborn on d1.

peter harris
peter harris
April 27, 2016 16:48

Thank you for the dedication Geoff.

Combining ChameleonChess and ChameleonCirce is like being in the Wild West! – it is difficult for there to be any law and order – so beloved by chess problem critics. (I think though that a little disorder in a problem makes life more interesting).

I see you eschewed ChameleonChess and have the one Chameleon piece.

I do not know whether it is a minus that the non-Chameleon piece makes no captures (to activate ChameleonCirce) in (a) and in (b) only moves once. Perhaps it is not!

You mention the patterns: the pairs in (a) and the sequence in (b). The existence of patterns cannot sustain a problem. They are often accidental to the play and not readily discernible by solvers.

I had never used the ChameleonCirce condition before 1053, 1054 1055. The only Circes I have ever used are Circe, SuperCirce, AntiCirce and AntiSuperCirce. So I have much to learn about ChameleonCirce.

I enjoyed your problem. So don’t but put your revolvers away!

You may enjoy solving this tiny problem:

whi qd4 bd3 bla ka2 pc4d5e4
stip h=3.5
ChameleonChess ChameleonCirce
Two solutions

Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
April 28, 2016 02:11

. Your problem with ChameleonChess + ChameleonCirce has excellent balance. However WinChloe does not find either of the intended solutions, instead finding 21 cooks! The first cook starts 1…Bxc4(bPd7)+. Nothing wrong with that, but then comes 2.dxc4(wBc8). Chameleons are fairy pieces, so under WinChloe rebirth occurs on the promotion square of c8 and there is no transformation. Under Popeye the move would be 2.dxc4(wRh1), with the captured wB being transformed to Rook and being reborn on h1.

The trouble with WinChloe’s interpretation is not confined to ChameleonCirce. For example, Igor Kochulov’s no.592.1 (Julia’s Fairies, Nov. 2015), which uses chameleon pieces with conventional Anticirce, has an illegal position according to WinChloe.

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