Michael Grushko (Israel)


Original Problems, Julia’s Fairies – 2016 (I): January – June

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No.1061 Michael Grushko

original – 04.05.2016

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white Pd3e4 black Pe6d5

hs#6                                            (2+2)
Circe Chameleon
Einstein Chess
Chameleon Chess
Republican Chess (Type 2)

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Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster
May 5, 2016 01:57

The combination of EinsteinChess and ChameleonChess seems absurd. Surely these conditions should be mutually exclusive? It seems that Popeye applies the Chameleon transformation first, then the Einstein transformation. For example, with 2.Sd5-f6=B=S, the Knight becomes a Bishop by Chameleon rules, but as it is a non-capturing move it goes back to Knight by Einstein rules! If the conditions were applied in reverse order then the Knight would go to Pawn by Einstein rules, where it would remain.

The same thing happens with, for example, 5.Bc1-b2=R=B. However in the capturing move 4.Se4xf6=B=R, the Knight goes to Bishop by Chameleon rules, then to Rook by Einstein rules.

Juraj Lörinc
Juraj Lörinc
May 5, 2016 09:03
Reply to  Geoff Foster

“The combination of EinsteinChess and ChameleonChess seems absurd. Surely these conditions should be mutually exclusive?”

Not absurd. If the precedence is defined, from the purely logical point of view, the problems with this combination of conditions can be ok. They can very well be set up as correct puzzles.

On the other hand, possibility to be solved by human solver is close to zero, especially when it is spices by other fairy elements. And the quality from general chess composition viewpoints (strategy, logic, beauty of solution…), as is the case of many computer generated problem, is mostly zero too.

peter harris
peter harris
May 6, 2016 17:16

Regarding the question of precedence.

Perhaps precedence is not defined in the Popeye program.

It may be that the Popeye program has not a rigid/fixed/built-in order of precedence.

It may try giving each condition in turn precedence.

In the case of the present problem, perhaps using any order of precedence other than that used in the solution gives No Solution – as Popeye may have found out – after trying. Perhaps it would have shown other solutions had they existed.

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